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Who we are

Ariadne’s Thread is a young, women’s wear, fashion label dedicated towards promoting the handmade textiles of Greece. The label has made a beginning by focusing on reviving the craft of bobbin lace or pillow lace. The intention is to give life to this craft which is struggling to survive and pump life into it by fusing it with apparel. The result is to provide economic support to artisans and generate awareness so that there is a willingness among people to learn the craft of bobbin lace and consider it as a professional practice.

The highly skilled team at Ariadne’s Thread aims to create products with impeccable finish and fit that they take pride in. The label’s sensitivity towards our environment has enabled the use of natural sustainable materials and their virtues which serves as the basis for the brand along with the handmade element. Ultimately, with the right cut and a mastery of handcrafted lace technique along with fabrics with particular qualities that tamper the wearer’s feeling upon contact with skin. Ariadne’s Thread offers its customer’s a piece of clothing that guarantees a natural and spontaneous elegance that can stem only from a sense of fulfilment that it gives to the woman wearing it.

Our Philosophy

This era is characterized by its fast pace, which impacts trends by rendering them obsolete rather quickly. However, a solid foundation is what enables one to be experimental while eliminating the ephemeral.

This strong base can be found in the teachings of tradition, as it encapsulates the fundamental traits of our identity, hence the development of our personality. Tradition has been preserved through ancient folklore and myths, as the ever-enticing fables hold meaning, lessons of life while at the same time being an essential source for inspiration and creativity.

Ariadne’s Thread attempts to bridge the past and the present by bringing our attention to the abundance of handmade textile techniques in Greece. It is this desire to create a fusion of contemporary aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship while during this journey – to enable local artisans and craftsmen to further develop through their expertise. Within the Greek mythology, Ariadne’s thread helped Theseus find his way through the labyrinth; it guided him to his freedom. The thread denotes the link that reminds us of our roots, our tradition, our home. This is a thread of divine connection.

Ariadne’s Thread is not an ordinary fashion label, rather the belief that gives us courage to make the journey into the unknown.